Tuesday, March 25, 2008

GO NEGOSYO! - The Entreprenuer Mindset In Us

Fascinated with the inspiration that these small entrepreneurs who became a big name brands in the local consumers market in Pampanga. They did have lots of hardship prior to the beginning but soon their businesses have expanded to higher measures of their businesses and also providing employment and job oppurtunities for the local folks in their community.

I attended the Go Negosyo Road Caravan in Pampanga last November 2007 wherein they featured the famous local Capampangan Entreprenuers. Here are the list of Most Inspiring Pampanga Entrepreneurs:

Bren Z. Guiao Convention Center was jampacked from people of all walks of life, from high school and college student, investors, and small time business owners who want to hear, see and learn for themselves how these people have ventured into this type of businesses and industry and inspire themselves to be entrepreneurs of the future in keeping our economy afloat.

In my experience as an entreprenuer, it is hard at first in building your business and planning for the days ahead but somehow you put your sweat, blood and tear in making it work. Once it fly off to success it becomes evident that your goal in life has been finally achieved after all the pain and efforts in putting that business in good running condition.

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