Friday, March 28, 2008

Becoming a Real Estate Sales Professional

I could never imagine myself being in the real estate business. I did have a fruitful career in the healthcare industry but somehow the lure of fame and fortune have taken me to this new profession. I have been in the industry for three years now. Started out as a secretary and a assistant to my mom who is also a newbie or a greenhorn in the real estate even if she was a licensed real estate broker since 1984.

The real estate industry became an interest to me in 2005. I first attended a sales training seminar for real estate agents with Communities Philippines, A Vista Land Co. (formerly Crown Communities, Inc.) selling their projects outside of Metro Manila. It did become a challenge for me to be in this profession in being a proactive and outgoing person. It changed me into overcoming fear and shyness by arming me with self-confidence in dealing with different people as a real estate sales professional plus the thought of earning a high commission brought me to property sector after resigning from my dead-end job which only offer a above 100,000 annual income.

My mom was medical representative with an multinational nutritional and pharmaceutical company before her retirement in 2003 when I was a about to graduate in college. Her career has spanned for more than 30 years in the selling and marketing which in turn earn lots of money with that company and at the same time earning money through the high sales she garnered in the past. She was a seasoned salesperson but still she is still adjusting as a real estate sales professional after her retirement in being a medical representative, she was totally back to zero in the property sector and being a real estate broker is not the same work as the previous job, but still the principle of selling to would-be client is the same especially in establishing rapport and building relationship with them.

I learned the ropes from her on the sales experiences and wisdom she gained plus the experience of having a actual site manning or mall booth manning which is hard work even you are passing time, we usually work in duo. I even had some little scruffles with some clients or would be clients who are just not interested and are wasting my precious time. I learned those types of people from Michael Pink's book named "SELLING AMONG WOLVES WITHOUT JOINING THE PACK" wherein he differentiated those types into four groups.

According to Discoro "Jun" Garing's book The Filipino Art of Breakthrough Selling, that out of the 100 prospects / customers you encountered there is only 20 prospect who are really interested in buying a product, 4 of them are qualified to buy but there is only 1 true buyer (so the ratio is 100:20:4:1). The ratio I have mentioned is a salesperson batting average in making a home run to closed deal. The numbers speaks well and also in my experience as a real estate agent turned and licensed real estate broker. In the marketing arena, you should be armed with the knowledge, expertise plus the appetite to associate with other people is needed in order to close that deal. Plus be tech savvy in marketing the project wherein the internet has become among the best medium of getting the attention of local and overseas clients.

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