Saturday, June 7, 2008

Food Security in our Midst!

The Philippine government is beefing up its resources on importing rice in Thailand. It already had talks with the foreign minister of Thailand last month and agreed with the our government's dealing.

Are we hungry now? As of most of the SWS surveys it says YES. They say majority of the urban poor are getting hungrier much less to the countryside are experiencing the same.

I had deep thoughts on this regarding the need for food as we are now experiencing rice shortage with people looking for a much cheaper variant of rice coming from National Food Authority (NFA). Mindanao is experiencing much worst than their Metro Manila counterparts because rice prices of other variants rice to P 50.00 per kilo. Rice hoarding is now rampant in this parts of the Philippine. A lot of people are now experiencing hunger even we tighten our belts to save but somehow inflation is keeping up on us wherein it already peaked at 9.6% as I read yesterday's broadsheet with the tumbling value of Philippine peso to dollar at US$ 1.00 to PhP 44.00 on the foreign exchange rate. Some of the financial and international affairs expert see that inflation can go to double digit in a few months time not only here but around the world.

In the light of the looming rice crisis that the Philippines and other countries experiencing right now. Local provincial government of Oriental Mindoro had taken step in encouraging agriculture to be taken by jobless out of school youth. This program not only provides jobs but also the knowledge and skills for these young folks to take up farming which is essentially important nowadays making Oriental Mindoro the rice capital of region 4. In the first place, our country was based in agriculture but in the past couple of decades it came to a point that industrial and advance technological age is keeping up with our country and less people are taking agriculture as business and settled for a much newer career outside of farming in the rural to the urban cities.

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