Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The San Miguel Brewery IPO Report: My first stock investment

I recently went to San Miguel Brewery, Inc. offices last May 5, 2008. I chanced upon the advertisement on SMB IPO last April 24, 2008 at the Philippine Star. I opened on the possibility investing in paper assets while dreaming of buying some real estate in the future. It was an event I was waiting for in buying some 1000 shares of a long-time profitable food and beverage company with a proven track record that has been in the country for more than a hundred years of existence. Testing the waters, I opened an account with this company and at the same looking in trading stocks so I invested PhP 8,000.00 worth of shares (1000 shares = PhP 1.00) on this as a Local Small Investor (LSI).

I can see how profitable San Miguel beer to the local masses with production of millions in the open market and even internationally recognized as a strong seller with other well known brand names from Europe like Heineken, Carlsberg, Mexico's Corona, America's Miller and others.

I was amazed on how it jump on its initial offer of PhP 8.00 per share to PhP 8.50 will additional pesos on my paper assets of owning an a 1000 shares of San Miguel Brewery on its debut yesterday morning (May 12, 2008) at the Philippine Stock Exchange trading day. The increase was 6.25% as what was reported in the news last night beyond what I have expected from earlier reports in a famous broadsheet on the forecast that it will lose its value regarding previous IPOs. It gave me a jitter as my kept my fingers crossed from days of waiting since signing up last 5th May 2008. It did not lose ground on its first day but somehow found out on visiting the PSE's ticker tape that San Miguel Brewery with San Miguel Corporation A and B incurred some losses. I lost 10 centavos on the value of what I gain yesterday but it is a close call than losing more a PhP 1.00 value of my shares with this company.

I am glad that I was able to test the water of stock trading and will be able to understand and be vigilant in investing in hard-earned cash. Will be watching closely on SMB performance in few days or so.

About San Miguel click this link.

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