Friday, June 27, 2008

Book Review: Sikreto ng Mga Mayayaman by Al Sembrano

One of the best financial literacy book I have ever read. Even if he share his personal experience as a poor young boy from Mindanao. Mr. Sembrano was really keen on learning the long road to financial success where he is right now in being a financial analyst with major banking companies in the United States and eventually retiring early to making a one masterpiece of 10 series books.

The author's objective is to bring back to the basics of financial education and planning to readers with better understanding. It was very practical compared to the other books of Filipino writers. This books empowers everyone who reads it with knowledge from getting a job, creating wealth from small to big proportions and starting business. It also has inspirational wherein the author share his life's experiences that led him to success. This book is applicable to all Filipinos who want to live a prosperous life.

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