Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Sights on JG Summit Holdings

I have my sights on this great company which Mr. John Gokongwei founded back in the early 1990s. Was reading a back issue of BizNewAsia Magazine published last May this year which regards as "Gokongwei Gambit". John Gokongwei's intent on acquiring the 40% shares of Petron made me interested in the oil and mining sector of the stock market. Oil is still profitable even if it has weakened for the past few days in the world market.

Saudi Aramco, a conglomerate of Saudi Royals and American companies decided to pull out the plug and sell the 40% share to interested entities through bidding of Petron. JG Summit is interested in this with their experience in the petrochemical production and business through JG Petrochemicals, Inc., A JG Summit Holdings subsidiary while London-based Ashmore Group has acquired 50% shares when Saudi Aramco finally sold it shares of Petron to this group. However, this government owned company with more than 40% control of the company also would like to sell it shares with the remaining 10% bloc to the other local small investor or other companies with interest in Petron to Ashmore or any other local investors. It was reported that some of the remaining shareholders have sold their shares to Ashmore at P 6.53 per share which is lower than expected in a already loosing companies which has a deficit of billions of pesos. See Ashmore's company profile (Ashmore).

At this moment, Petron is still under negotiations with JG Summit Holdings and will get most of those local small investors of JG Summit Holdings excited about if the acquisitions push through with the plans. You can view the articles on the business section of the Philippine Star (July 23, 2008).

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Anonymous said...

JGS Stocks are now a hot buy. trading at the local philippine bourse as of 3/29/10 is P10.75 and at todays US dollar rate is .023558. The last trade of this stock in the OTC(US)exchange is .15 US cents and that was last Sept. 2009!

Anonymous said...

Never thought that this company will do wonder. Very competent and brilliant management team and good business exposure in Asia!