Sunday, August 3, 2008

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

During one of the seminars I have attended recently, Mr. Dindo Raymundo was our motivational speaker at that time. He was able to share one of the life changing moments that had inspired on his recent travel to Australia. A life changing moment with this person of extra-ordinary abilities who is physically disabled but conquered the whole world with his wisdom through his evangelical thoughts and his speaking engagement that touched a lot of people's lives in the presence. His name is Nick Vijucic.

Nick Vijucic was well aware of his handicap but he was determined to show to people that he is just a normal human.

I was viewing his resume and found he is an extra-ordinary person with lots of trades wherein he is a real estate investor, stock investor and a businessman other than being an evangelist at the same time.

I have put the three part series from on Mr. Vijucic's seminar. I hope you get inspired with this man's word not only with his experience but for his spiritual sense in spreading God's words around the world.

You can visit his site at

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