Friday, July 25, 2008

The Power Broker in Me: Putting back Real Estate back on Top

I had my few months hiatus of not being a real estate broker. It was a soul searching time for me as I finished the 2 month Registered Financial Planners Course given by Registered Financial Planning Institute - Philippines two months ago and still kept practicing.

Those months were a fulfilling moment for me in updating with new trends in medical and scientific research, learning new trades, knowing more on different types of investments and meeting new people as potential clients. Even if we are experience the downtrend in the stock market as in we are in a windfall of world recession as the U.S. is still coping up with its own problems which affected the world and us feeling the brunt of higher oil prices with inflation rate staggering at 11.4% from last month. It does hurt the pockets of consumers of all walks of life.

To admit the truth, the real estate industry felt the pinch with America as its rich market before for Filipino-Americans in selling properties have made an abrupt stop and so most major Philippine developers put their sights on other places where Filipinos thrive. They have had a second look on the European and Middle Eastern Market segment targeting Overseas Filipino Workers there and also the local Philippine market. Feeling worrisome on the downtrend in sales that I need to find alternatives of producing money other than relying from my fixed-income job which is not enough to sustain my lifestyle.

Real Estate has become a bread and butter for some older folks in the trade. I on the other hand, have a career and real estate is a part-time work for me. In two years time, I might go full-time and quit the healthcare job once I have established myself in taking over the family business.

I find it amazing as I become equipped with the words from these motivational speakers who are at the same time fellow real estate brokers from different chapters of REBAP and made millions in just a few months through real estate selling. I find it inspirational to see and hear them talk and believe in their principles even met the oldest real estate professional who is already in her late 60s who happens to have lots millions on different transaction and deals from her small beginnings in the 80s and in the present times. The topics on the seminar are relatively needed for the participants to apply these experiences in real life especially in the sales and marketing aspect in being a real estate brokers. The speakers also added new tools in creatively selling properties through the use of word of mouth, the internet and advertisements.

Another inspirational lecture given by Mr. Ricardo "Dindo" Raymundo, team manager of Alaska Aces Basketball Team. He given us some thoughts on his experiencing from managing the best basketball team through his corporate knowledge and business wisdom which kept this team the among the top teams in Philipppine Basketball Association (PBA). He also shown us a video clip of Nick Vujicic - No Arms, no legs, no worries.

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