Friday, August 8, 2008

Alicia Keys Experience: a one night only concert in Manila

I decided to a two day leave and have a break from work at the office on a wonderful weekdays even if it was rainy for the past few days. It was fun at first to be invited by my kid sister who was bugging me since she arrived from the United States last month on a short vacation. She was looking forward on one of the much awaited concerts here in Manila she would like to see. I thought she was waiting for Daughtry but I was wrong and it was none other than the eleven-time Emmy award winner singer-songwriter named Ms. Alicia Keys.

It was worthwhile experience for us who happen to have found some definitely viewable seats located at Section C of the Gold area. I was happy that she gave me one ticket free which cost about PhP 4,068.00 on that particular section and it was quite a nice view at the forefront of the concert. A few hours prior to our travel, we were glued on MTV and we are waiting for any announcements on the change of venue of Alicia Keys - Live in Manila concert and in our wait it was confirmed through Philippine Star and the TV announcement that the original venue which was SM Mall of Asia - open field will be transfered to SMX Convention which is a few meters away. The concert will begin rain or shine as what was stated on print and TV. We were happy to received a positive news about it.

We prepared everything with our essentials especially our trusty digital camera and left home in Pampanga at 7:00 pm and finally arrived in Manila at 8:15 pm with less traffic on a Tuesday night after rush hour travel as we crossed the less busy thoroughfares of the old Manila, I gazed alot on the window and lots of things changed especially the locale of Roxas Boulevard area wherein there are no more food and beverage establishments which made the area more cleaner with less people there. Missed the old heydays when I was still in college.

We reached SMX and once we entered the building we have trouble finding our seats because of the crowd is getting rowdier with people also lost in finding their designated seats with other people seating on other people's chair which is a definitely rude behavior. I thanked that usher who happened to helped us a lot even if I never knew his name. We seated at section C and I was amazed on seeing a group of five older people sitting near the end of the chairs and look like hippies of the 1970s with long hair and rocker-musician outfits and I later found out they were the"ASIN", a famous rock band from 1970s watching Alicia Keys' perform and enjoying themselves the nostalgia of playing music again (I think!).

At last and behold when clock strikes at exactly 10 pm, the crowd went wild when the back up vocals began to sing and the instruments started playing. People got excited when amidst the dark silhoutte of tall woman with medium built appeared and when the spotlight flashed through, she appeared and the crowd cheered with her sex appeal and her soulful voice as she whipped the stage with her songs from her new album "As I am" with other of her famous song on her second album.

A few days have past and still feeling the tune of Alicia Keys in my head. The memories of attending a talented artist like Ms. Alicia Keys is "PRICELESS". The money my younger sister spent for both our tickets was "WORTH IT".

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