Monday, December 15, 2008

Filipino Holiday on a Spree!

I visited a mall the other day and was glad to find out that there are mob of people out there enjoying the thrill of finding some items to give this Christmas season. Families eating in droves in fastfood chains and children still enjoying the rides and the amusement parks. Even in the turmoil of global financial crisis, Filipinos are still keen in celebrating it amidst the problems our world is into. I never thought that Pinoys will not celebrate the season but somehow I am happy that we are keeping the Christmas tradition in our hearts and for all times. For businesses in retail this is a good sign that somehow the economy is still in shape and is able to cope up with the times even if there are fewer outputs compared to last year wherein they are still currently surviving and afloat.

Philippines however felt the pinch but business moguls such as Ayalas of Ayala Corporation and Uytengsus of Alaska Milk have positive outlook among Filipinos who are eager to survive the crisis. They are encouraging people to look for other means in order to survive from giving the sense of entreprenuerial spirit of setting up a small business or getting a part-time job and other alternatives in making their lives sustainable for their future.

The best thing in Christmas is celebrating the coming of our lord, Jesus Christ. His coming is the essence of the season in observance of Christian traditions.


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