Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Secret: the knowledge is now revealed and passed on to you!

Recently got hold of a DVD from a friend. I went curious with the DVD he had given and went on watching it the other day on my free time. Well, I got amazed with those simple thought can turn everything into reality. Yes, this is true with the positive visualization of the outcome of the event you want to achieve can possibly come true as what athletes are doing before competing but still the best part of all this is the action that should be taken in order for the dream to actually take place. Rhonda Byrne's book have taken a storm.

The Law of Attraction in the universe.

In the DVD or the book, you can read or watch the interviews from different people who have shared their secret to success from Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul book series,

Simple thoughts of positive thinking will attract positive outcome on what you want in your life.

Still try to remember that:

A THOUGHT / DREAM / INSPIRATION (5%) + ACTION (95%) = SUCCESS / REALITY (It may not be the perfect outcome but it will close to what you dream of or better than you have in your mind)!

I have also added "The Secret to you...a Gift from the Secret Scrolls" courtesy of In this is way you can view this over and over and get yourself inspired in building those thoughts and dreams in your life you want to achieve and strive hard to have.

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