Sunday, January 11, 2009

Betting on Real Estate: Foreclosed Property Sector in the United States!

Foreclosure in America is high and rampant nowadays. But still even if the U.S. is in recession there are still a lot of ways to earn money through real estate which is the highest and lucrative among all the investments you can think of. Right now property inventories are high and you can still flip lots of it as long you have extra cash on your sleeves with the growing demand of properties coming from other nations such as Canada which is least affected with the financial meltdown. Canadian economy is still resilient and in tip top shape compared to their neighboring America because less credit fall out. An example of Canadians moving down south to America especially in Las Vegas, Nevada wherein the prices are hitting rock bottom as what the video shown above. Other nationalities that are paving their way to the U.S. soil are the mainland Chinese who have the money and resources to tour and venture in America.

Las Vegas is a sin city or sin capital of the world but indeed even if there are no angels around in this heaven on earth. The real estate in this place is lucrative once the ailing economy recovers in a matter of months to years. President-elect Barack Obama later report his plan of creating a stimulus package in the ailing economy and in order to spur the once booming America back to its knees one step at a time. As an investor and a real estate broker I am hopeful that the world would become vibrant again and somehow will manage to survive the gloom over the dark clouds this 2009.

What about us, Global Pinoy or Filipinos? We can still manage to buy a property in the United States as long as you have the ample amount of funds in buying that dream home in their soil plus it is a very good investment and a plus if you are trying to impress the immigration official if you plan to migrate in America.

Included also in this blog write up the history of the credit crunch in 2007 and how it affected America and in the World as explained on CNN.

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