Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcoming 2009!

Pardon me if have been busy for the past few months, I have been doing some homeworks with the Registered Financial Planner (RFP - Philippines) Program I have joined summer last year. Plus my regular job on the healthcare which requires a lot of my time on being promoted as an assistant section head. I have been unable to focus on Real Estate business for quite sometime and also helping the company my mom created back in 2004 with my younger sister taking the helm as my mother's assistant on her business affairs.

31st December 2008 - I was already saying goodbye to the old year and greeting the people at work "Happy New Year" as we were anticipating tomorrow for a NEW HOPE for everyone. I went to work in the morning and the company was on skeletal duty with some of the administration staff on holiday leave as what President Arroyo have declared a few days before Christmas. It is a long two week vacation for the office staff but not for us because our job involves in critical care in healthcare sector.

Got back from home at 3 pm after accompanying a friend from errand of buying some groceries intended for the night's coming party. He was happy enough to look and expect a bountiful 2009. It is true that most of us are expecting a new hope for change in 2009, that we increase our salaries and fringe benefits, job security, time and freedom with friends and families and a lot more. As the Social Weather Survey said on the Philippine Star published a few days ago that 92% of Filipinos are still hopeful for 2009.

1st January 2009 - At night to the early morning, I was really expecting a big bang of different fireworks on display in the air in our neighborhood. But somehow, I only heard less crackles and heavy explosions outside plus not much exhibition of fireworks in our subdivision. I came to wonder if us Filipinos are still on a belt tightening mode or just plain became eco-wise or friendly people in a way to save mother earth. Although, I admit I did play with firecrackers when I was little till I was a teener, My outlook on use of these have change through the years when I said to myself that why waste on burning your money on firecracker instead of buying essentials needed by the household like food, appliances etc or put it temporarily in a piggy bank and acquire new investments you want to setup.

I am hopeful too that we can weather the global financial crisis and that the economic buffers that government had done in the past few months would eventually last that long and would like to outlive the global economic crisis. I am hopeful that President Barack Obama would make a stand in providing economic stimulus to the number economy of the world in the United States of America.

Just watchout: will post more event and their details financial planning and services I can find for January 2009.


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