Sunday, April 26, 2009

Updates on PAG-IBIG Loans (Home Mutual Development Fund) for 2009

Last 1st April 2009, Vice President and Housing Czar Noli De Castro recently announced that the Home Development Mutual Fund (HMDF) also known as PAG-IBIG Fund have approved the increase and adjustments on loan structures from the previous maximum loan bracket of PhP 2.0 Million to PhP 3.0 Million. These adjustments are great news for our folks who are given a more wider choices and options in a purchasing a home.

This move not only will benefit all members which focuses more from middle income earners and workers in highly urbanized areas in the Philippines and the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) but also the real estate development companies as well in providing housing to our people. Thus empowers, the buyers with maximized purchasing power which help the real estate industry at the same time.

Here are the new Pag-ibig housing loan structures per annum:

For loan up to P400, 000 -- interest is 6%
Over P400,000 up to P750,000 -- interest is 7%
Over P750,000 up to P1 million -- interest is 8.5%
Over P1 million up to P1.25 million -- interest is 9.5%
Over P1.25 million up to P2 million -- interest is 10.5%
Over P2 million up to P3 million -- interest is 11.5%

All are fixed rates. For new developer, HMDF funds requires a 30% equity for their buyers to acquire a property and 70% loanable amount with strict compliance of requirements. If development company has a proven excellent track record , they can request to lower the equity requirement to 20% or 10%. Loans can be paid either 10 Years, 15 years, 20 years , 25 years to 30 years maximum.

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