Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Efren PeÑaflorida..Another Filipino Gentleman on the World Spotlight!

I never thought in such a simple ways of helping young kids and teen get educated with this tedious young man from Cavite pushing a cart full books, toys and educational materials providing free education to the streets children and helping these young underprivileged kids by giving them the values formation as well in helping them to become a nurturing and good people amidst the poverty. Such an act of kindness in dedicating his energy through education with the help of his volunteers have led them to be part of nation building in giving the youth a free education.

Congratulations for winning and achieving the CNN Heroes of the Year Award 2009 and that the Dynamic Teen Co. would flourish more in shaping and forming the youth of today. Another Pinoy triumphant again. Kudos.

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