Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Facebook, Friendster and Others - Social Networking Sites As a marketing tool

In connection with the previous post I made a couple of days ago. The dawn of new technology through information superhighway have spark new ways of marketing and targeting clients. Marketing has evolved through cyberspace as well, the new horizon in marketing of products and services came a long way from the good old days of meeting and doing a door to door sales talk and showing your wares and services to unexpected household this is the saturation strategy and flyering of leaflets among sales and marketing companies in order to raise awareness among potential clients or customer in getting their attention and major advertising campaign in which major ad companies are hired by large corporation in order to promote their products and services. Now social networking sites have changed a lot and became a big help from new entrepreneurs to large scale companies looking to get a share of the market. In short, marketers should capitalize and see trends on this in order to reach the public.

Social Media Networks is not a fad, it has become an evolution on how news and connection are delivered. It also become the new market of reaching the people especially in tapping and uncovering the niche market of people in cyberspace. Useful and sometimes annoying to some due to its spam capabilities. More than Billion people in China have used Social Networking sites like QZone as ways and means to interact, communicate and market in the Chinese scene. In the Philippines, Friendster and Facebook have become the most visited social networking sites for Pinoys, growing number of young professionals using Facebook and teenagers using Friendster. Followed by Multiply wherein it is being used by startup entrepreneurs as their website.

So if you are planning to use these tools, the better. If you already a member of any of these social networking site, announcing it your friends, colleagues and existing networks if you are venturing into business or selling some products and services on their private messages and also putting some links of the products and services to your share or bulletin boards button for people to see and view would be ideal as a first thing to do in marketing. Better yet, to use keywords that are catchy to other people's attention. It will take time and a lot patience for people to come and view you, Just wait. Don't give up, don't give in.

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