Saturday, November 21, 2009

About The How to's of Basic Online Selling and Marketing: Some thoughts and insights.

Recently, I got invited to speak with our organization in Real Estate Broker Association of the Philippines - Pampanga Chapter. I was designated as the Vice President for Management Information System for REBAP. I was a bit excited with sharing again my insights on selling online properties or listing of inventory of real estate in order to give them online exposure which is FREE.

I have been a online seller since 2005 with Real Estate as my focus, I started building website on free hosting sites such as which is under Lycos, Inc. based abroad. The disadvantage on building on free site is that you only have limited storage for up to 20 Megabytes of space so I tried to squeeze and resize most of my pictures and videos or sometimes I get hosted with other image hosting providers which are free then like which was formerly known as Yahoo Photos till 2007, Photobucket, Picturetrail and others available on the internet. Hosting is FREE but there is a downside. An example of this is Photobucket wherein it can host up to 2 Gigabytes of images.

There are alarming number of small time entrepreneurs using the net as a medium in getting their products and services out in the open market through this format. Most of users of are females wherein they comprise of 55% user majority of that free website and blog. I can't imagine how that unknown startup company in the United States become well known after ABS-CBN Global acquired 2% share of the company and plans to acquire 2% again in the next few year. ABS-CBN introduced to Filipino market through use of the multiply format on their top rated show wherein it increase ten folds the previous users.

Last month, already announced that it will support all online sellers who are using their platform and this would be a great news for those small or startup entrepreneurs to make themselves present on cyberspace.

Social Media on the other hand, played a great role in this in creating a totally new network where everyone exist. With Facebook as the number format in all social networking site in the whole world with 900,000,000 people who are members of this site. You can watch this Youtube video I found a few weeks ago which was useful during my recent talk. Come and watch it. Philippines has still more members of Friendster but they are shifting to Facebook nowadays.

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