Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Addicted with Facebook?

It is a funny thought since I sent a comment on one of my students who was an avid Facebook member. She didn't directly admit she was getting online most of the time after school time. Even I have been noticed by some peers of being online and always on the chat with them or taking long hours when not at work or just got home. Of course, Facebook has outdone the first Social Networking site introduced in the United States, Friendster. Facebook has become a useful companion in sending private message to friends wherein I am sending some message on our planned get together high school party with some of my pals from the good ol' days with my teenage angst with our hormones in high levels.

It is a phemonenon that hit the Philippines shelving the longest and first social networking site, Friendster . Facebook members is still growing and already had reached its peak with 100 million users in 9 months. Another trivia: if Facebook was a country, it could have been the world 4th populous nation in the world with China at first.

As I posted a month ago in this blog, Social Networking sites such as Facebook has become a major marketing tool for major brands and companies even startup companies and new entrepreneurs can use this a marketing tool in spreading out the word. A facebook has tremendous wonders for small time businesses, in interacting with your friends and at the same time people seeing what you got through word of mouth or just peeking at the profile. Wouldn't that be nice.

Disadvantage in the having the internet life, well let just say. You don't get to interact with real people's emotion getting in touch with other's lives by really talking to them in person and not a view of the screen in your laptop or pc.

How would you know, if you are addiceted to Facebook?

1.) Spending longer hours on the net playing the different games available from Mafia Wars, Farmville, Race Wars, Texas Hold'em Poker and others could keep you wide awake and might affect your self on work or studies.
2.) Updating your status or what you are doing box.
3.) Chat.
4.) Viewing other people's photos or profile out of curiosity.

Just a piece of advice to all facebook fanatic, keep yourself at low. Be disciplined in using the FB in playing let just say a two to three hours and better to use this in selling. A quality moment of life with less stress or shall I say, sipping coffee outside and watching people pass by, watch the sunset with special someone or stargazing at night is a relatively relaxing mood to do. Anyways, try it. There is nothing to lose.

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