Saturday, December 12, 2009

Surviving the Christmas Holidays 2009.

Now what? You have your 13th month pay and also your December salary. People are so happy on Christmas time but for me it is only a temporary relief of having money like this. I asked a friend last time on what she would be doing with her bonuses. She said that she will be getting something for her children who are growing up becoming teenagers and at the same time pay something for herself as well like her graduate school she is attending to and some credit card debts and loans needed to paid off, just lessen or to wipe out her burdens. I was thrilled to have that answer from her. She is doing the right thing of paying off her debts slowly but surely in order for her to get her life on track.

However, this Christmas season spending should be done wisely. As a responsible shopper should be making a shopping list first before splurging every cent of his or her hard-earned cash on what he or she can give for our his or her loved ones. Buying process is easy but the Decision making is a bit difficult especially if you are on a budget or having limited amount of money. What are necessary for the meantime are food items which will be prepared in the Christmas eve feast or Noche Buena in Filipino / Spanish term.

Items from previous Christmas which were not used would be very useful as giveaways on family Christmas raffle during reunion. It would better if you hadn’t used them at all. Spending for a raffles for as low as PhP 50.00 to PhP 100.00 per item would be good. Children toys on the hand, should be safe from toxic chemicals. Remember children safety is top priority especially on toddlers who like to grasp shiny or interesting thing then put it in their mouth. Much better if you buy an educational toy with no small parts or appropriate toys for the child’s age.

About fruitcakes have longer shelf-life it would be advisable not to use this item in exchange gift you may never know that the fruit cake is already expired, better be food conscious with it and avoid giving this item anyhow unless it is freshly baked.

So looking for racket or business oppor0tunities in making extra money would also be good in this season when demands for food items, personals items are looking for extra bargains in tiangges. Holiday season is an ideal time to set your mind and energy in being an entrepreneur again. Try selling to your friends and neighbors first. Engage in free enterprise.

Remember, spending is good for the economy as long as you shop wisely and responsibly. Spending stimulates movement and growth of the local and international markets from its previous stagnation brought about by the global financial crisis.

Anyways, the important thing this season is the celebration of the birthday of our lord Jesus Christ.

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