Saturday, June 5, 2010

Personal Investments:The Pros and Cons

Do you want to know the strengths and weaknesses of your investments?

As an investor, you should learn first the different investment risk even if the gains are very high for these type of investments in a volatile market. An investor should make some assessments regarding his risk profile and manage it as well without being emotional if it loses its value. Should a planner take in order for his / her client determining his / her personal investment capacity plus the risk he can take. That is a question. It was a totally fine lecture with insights and also the discussion of advantages and disadvantages of these types of investments.

When we were on the discussion regarding which investment is better. Real estate come to be first among the ranking. We did have this momentary contradiction with the securities representative participants and  us real estate brokers. I will not put the incident here on pitting against Real Estate against Stocks on which of the two is better but anyways, no investments are perfect and that is the beauty of it in diversifying your investments. Here are the summary below of the common investments that anyone can choose from:

Some of these lectures where adapted from Global Investors Center and First Metro Investment Corporation during Registered Financial Planners Institute - Technical Sessions and lectures on the RFP - Philippine Course. There are two pages on the Presentation.


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iand said...

What stops for middle-income families to invest in real estate are the high transaction and maintenance costs, and government taxes. What encourages some to still invest is the pride of ownership. It gives a family a sense of security and stability.

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Oliver said...

Guys, if you are interested in stock investing you could visit the PSE academy website. It is a smart start to investing.

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