Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Super Size Me: Breaking up the old eating habits!

You can watch this free video courtesy of Google Videos about Morgan Spurlock's 2004 documentary, Super Size Me.

I am no longer a fan of fast food meals although I eat from time to time with these major establishments if I needed to especially during the early days I am working on early morning shift when I am unable to prepare food for breakfast. The fast food generation has grown exponentially with the rise of the easy and readily available meals plus the fact it has become very cheap on the pockets of average college students back then for those costing less than 40 pesos. It now affects the newer generation of children who are getting lots of illnesses that are related to diet and lifestyle. Count me in with this people having this problems now, I guess I paid the price of eating too much during my college years.

During our childhood years we occasionally visit this establishments on weekends and get to play with other kids on the see-saw, merry go round and the playground for kids. Children from our generation then are more active and would to go most of the time outside the house and play till dusk but now with new lots of gaming platforms and the rise age of computers gaming Children rarely go out and just play with their friends online or with a Playstation Portable (PSP) , Gameboy Advance or whatever video games available in their hands.

As a healthcare professional and a clinical laboratory scientist it is important to look after your health and the nutrition you receive especially on what you eat daily and watching out for the calories you take up. Symptoms such as dizziness, getting fatigue and high blood pressure are the signs of poor health. Blood test such as the routine chemistry examination like Lipid Profile, Blood Uric Acid, ALT and AST etc can help determine your bodily functions and how the physician can give you advise.

Cost of medical tests and other procedures are getting tantamountly high especially if you are NOT covered with medical insurances so you have to pay in CASH. As what one Vitamin commercials' slogan says, "Bawal Magkasakit" and "Prevention is Far Better than Cure" are a few sayings or quote that are definitively true. Getting sick is no pretty scene at all and I have been there alot of times and made some modifications on my lifestyle and what I eat wherein it has a tremendous effect on my personal life missing out things like drinking from time to time but for me it for the better good.

Morgan Spurlock's documentary is definitely an eye catching and shocking one but it sure caught the attention of alot of people including the major education and health departments in the United States in information dissemination of unhealthy eating habits which can affect the children now or in their later life.

I am so amazed how the Japanese people outlived other nationalities with their diet which is purely healthy, nutritious, fresh and organic food from fresh fish and vegetables and less red meat like pork and beef which is only eaten once a week.

So Eat Right, Live Right, Exercise Daily just a main advice for everyone.

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