Sunday, April 25, 2010

Filipinos are now learning to save and invest for their future.

In the past, an average Juan Dela Cruz has no knowledge or low IQ on personal financial planning. This has become alarming rate in the increase of most Filipinos without the knowledge who are in debt and do not know how to manage and their meager income and maximize and relearn the spending habits. 

Even the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) made statements a few years ago that only 1% of Filipinos know how to trade or use the stock market as another alternative investments in which the PSE has been working hard in promoting  and intensifying its drive of educating  the public through their PSE roadshow presentations  that are happening within our archipelago.

It has come to this point that most of the OFW families are now slowly learning about personal finances with the advent of available resources in financial planning  in cooperatives, internet, personal finance coach  and others which are discussing and lecturing from cash, debt, risk and wealth management thanks to the efforts of the government entities and non-government organizations in helping our fellow Filipinos educate them and hoping that the existing program will continue to flourish and expand in the near future.

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