Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Car Safety Tips against Auto Theft

Auto theft crimes are rampant again these days even if we do not have official statistics on what is happening in the past 2009. As in the case of what happened some of those anonynomous person I know who have experienced this a couple of months ago during the celebration of the holiday season. Two months ago, I was shocked on what happened in which her 2009 Toyota Innova has a broken window at the right rear passenger side plus a damaged interiors from the forced entry and deliberate scratches from the perpetrators. Not only that, the brand new microwave oven she won on a contest was stolen as well. Another incident happened back in December 2009, A friend also lost some of her belonging wherein the perpetrator broke the glass at the passenger and stolen a lady's bag. Items stolen were some checks, IDs and some Thousand pesos cash. It was parked within a the parking area of big mall.

For more useful link, you can download this PDF link: 50 Tips for Autotheft Prevention from

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