Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The May 10, 2010 Presidential Election - Exercise your Vote to choose your leader

I was able to exercise my right to vote and I am partially happy and discontented on what had happened last Monday. I have jot down some notes on my experiences and what I have seen from other media or heard from my friends and co-workers from other places who have experience the same as what I say where somethings that the Commission on Election should take considerations.

1.) There are only Three Board of Examiners for every precints or clusters. There should and are capable of handling 3 clusters in one precints not 5 per one precints.
2.) PCOS machine should be randomly tested a week prior to the main event.
3.) People lost their names on the polling area. Well it should be the responsibilities of the voters that they should have check their names first a week or a few days before the election. This is a very old issue which understandably require common sense.
4.) Elderly and people with special needs (person with disabilities) should have a separate rooms in order to vote.
5.) COMELEC, PAG-ASA, DOH and other agencies should make weather advisory and advise people to bring fan, food and water in case of a long queue due to intense heat in order to prevent heat related illnesses.

I salute the COMELEC, Media and other government agencies who have cooperated in the functions of educating the public and securing the future of the Philippines with the ballots we cast.  Somehow, this turned out to be a milestone for most of Filipinos who have experienced first hand the need for changes from the old way of casting the vote to a new method through fast and somehow efficient automation process. At least we taste the automation fever and have selected the rightful leader in the hopes of moving forward to a progressive Philippines, free of corruption in the next six years.

I would like to share also the PCOS machine's thought on the previous election. It made fun of itself on twitter. You can catch it here at this link:

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