Saturday, May 8, 2010

The RFP Challenge: What's next?

Yesterday, I received an email from Ms. Danica, the program coordinator of RFP Institute - Philippines. I was surprised to see about the information on the email and then attached letters from Ms. Danica regarding my acceptance in this prestigious financial planning organization. I was very much excited that the case study plan I was making for the last two years was finally approved and the waiting game for me was over after almost 2 weeks of worrying if I needed to revise and make changes on it or not. It was never been an easy task for me of putting my very own comprehensive financial plan which I have been working on what to put and what to add after almost everything was in place with my heart, soul and dreams of having to finish this case study for good. I have contacted CRB John Ortiz a classmate from Batch 10 and fellow real estate broker from Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) who was also preparing his case study. I told him about the good news and receive a warm congratulations from him when he replied back through email about this day's accomplishments.

My parents were also thrilled about the new and I thinking about establishing a company for now I have been thinking about naming it The Great Rock Wealth Management Group. It is the first company I will build with my own blood, sweat and tears. I will first venture out on introducing this company as a financial literacy and personal finance firm advocating and researching on different financial strategies a client can achieve in building a straight financial road map to success before my services.

In this part, training and gaining more knowledge in financial planning would be necessary in this as long as you are taking classes from the RFP Institute in creating your own businesses plan of promoting financial planning to your clients as your business. This will be on May 15, 2010, Saturday.

As I recall on my submitting my papers, I feel jittery about it and crossed my fingers and prayed to the Almighty that my case study would be accomplished in lessening the burdens of thinking too much of it. Still I will continue writing some articles, putting some blogs on everything useful in reaching the financial independence.

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