Friday, September 17, 2010

What are my goals in life for now?

Back in February 2010, I was approached with one of my boss who is a physician consultant and had a one on one conversation in encouraging me to take up medicine and go back to school. He saw in me the determination to succeed in every tasks made during my career as a medical technologist / medical laboratory scientist in the hospital. He made some offers that anyone who wants to grab this great opportunity get it but somehow there are choices to be made and some consequences to see through. An example of which is the Medical Scholarship Grant on which you have to maintain at least a high grades in every aspect on the medicine subjects I will be taking, the cost of daily living and allowances with the support from my parents which I doubted can't help me with my endeavor due to the fact they are on their retirement age and have less money to support me.

Just another struggling young man with no job.

Back in April 2004, I was in the United States on a very short vacation for a month,  It was a graduation gift for me which was a double of graduating from college and passing the licensure examination. I  was a learning and  very beneficial experience for me on visiting other places and meeting new people wherein I met most of my relatives and loved ones who have lived there and at the same time meeting other people of other places as well. I had the great plans of coming into United States in the next 3 years to work, then get a working visa sponsorship or an immigrant visa from an overseas recruitment and employment agency.

Looking back in 2003.

A year before, my father told me that I have to make way for my kid sister education and help her out also when she embarked on taking a college business course in University of Santo Tomas right after I passed my Medical Technologist Licensure Examination with Professional Regulations Commission. A year after the biggest Philippine Pre-need company collapsed suddenly and it tremendously affected the college trust fund for my kid sister. I was a bit frustrated with my dad when he told me that I have to let go of those dreams but at that time some of my friends and batchmates who have ventured to medicine have decided to quit by sophomore year and eventually taken B.S. Nursing as a second course - which is in demand back then or become a medical technologists for those who took up the board exam and practice their profession, some joined the sales division of pharmaceutical or diagnostic equipments distributor or some just plainly join the contact center bandwagon where the pay is very high and the promotion is fast-paced.

My former colleagues and classmates from college to internship who had taken the doctor of medicine course  in Our Lady of Fatima University, Far Eastern University - Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation when they were still very young at 21 or 22 and have either already finished their residency training program or are already consultant physicians somewhere in Metro Manila or in their respective provinces. I am already turning into my late 20s and I am no longer getting younger everyday with the hopes and dreams of becoming a healer.

The Working Years (Major Period of Adjustments)

A lot has happened in the past years from working in one health care institution after another, I was never satisfied with the paycheck I received from working and toiling very hard. I never heard of Entrepreneurship until my younger sister took the college course in University of San Tomas a few years back after decided to shift from Accountancy to Commerce major in Entrepreneurship. After learning it I decided to dabble my hands making a small business with their company as a silent partner and at the same time working as well in selling and marketing real estate properties. Although I am not really good at it first and requires a lot of training and experience to be a better salesman in the chosen field. 

Venturing into the unknown and discovering my inner most self.

A past few years with some of the health care institution where I did meet friends co-workers and some competitions. I never felt better when I am getting promoted into getting a higher position or becoming someone of senior staff in my company. I am being delegated with more work with less pay and of course I am not inclined in some situation to take the load but however I do get some of those loads from the supervisor of the higher ups on this even if I don't really like it and it consumes my free time of doing my part-time work in the selling which is still a secret to them. 

As I assess myself,  working for this company is a good training as well in leadership aspects of managing and handling other junior staff and also the student interns who are training with us once you dabble into business the skills must be honed first and later applied in able to effective in doing your tasks at hand. 

Where I am now.

I am much contented with what I have now as I made a major U-turn on some aspects that I left behind in the past. Most of which were successes and failure that shaped me to become who I am today. A much better person in the present. I have been contemplating of returning to school and pursue a higher learning probably earning a master's degree or a post-graduate degree suited in the line of work and business I will be handing
in the future.

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