Friday, June 18, 2010

A 2 year old boy addicted to nicotine | Madness

I was alarmed in seeing this video even if it was kind of amusing and cute but somehow it hit me that this is very wrong. A two year old boy such as this has weak immune system and his father was very wrong about this on teaching his wrong habits. Ardi Rizal smokes 40 sticks a day and cannot stop puffing, if he does then he will surely get tantrums that are not very normal for kids his age like getting sick, bang his head or what.

I have seen some similar cases of these happening around our community. Back in college, I used to live within the vicinity of the U-Belt area, I chanced upon this four year old girl who was smoking a cigarette for her mother's need. The store owner was alarmed and the whole community within that block frowned upon her mother who was despised by many for lacking the sense of responsibilities being a parent on her child by asking her child to light up the cigarettes even if their home was stone throw away. This also goes to people living in the slum wherein their children are already smoking in tender early ages.

It will have a lasting consequences if this child will not stop and keep the habit. A child's health is fragile even this gets worst and will deteriorate into problems in adulthood such as cardiovascular diseases which comprise of 27% in the mortality of Filipinos according to the study conducted by World Health Organization in 2002 (see downloadable file).

Well, we cannot totally ban cigarettes here in the Philippines but we increase more sin taxes and levies on these products which gravely affects 6,000,000.00 farmers and workers of major tobacco companies in the country. The Department of Health campaign of putting graphic posters of diseases on the backs of cigarette pack purchased should be useful as a wake up call to the population to reduce then later stop smoking and kick the habit.

About this man comment on the Indonesian boy's smoking problem. I totally agree with him. I will never let my son take up a cigarette in his entire life. If he does, he will definitely get a butt kicking from his future dad.

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