Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving on - embarking on a new career in the near future!

A few months ago after receiving an email sent by Mr. Henry Ong, program director of RFP that I am qualified to become a member of the Registered Financial Planners - Philippines. I was thrilled and honored to received that letter that I am already accepted in this organization with such delight I announced to my parents and also put a shoutout on my facebook account wherein some of my friends congratulated me even if I put much emphasis on what I did that I am very proud of.

What are my plans now?

My plans are not yet rock solid for now due to some hectic schedule and new assignment given to me by the company I am employed in becoming one of their managers to lead it. I am thinking about giving up the six years of experience in being a healthcare professional / manager of one of their top earning units or division as a section-in-charge, I am tasked to oversee the other staff and the smooth operation of my section in order to deliver fast, accurate and quality services to patients. This is somehow becoming a challenge that is overwhelming and another stress maker on putting to test my leadership skills as I take on the position left by one of my colleagues who was moved and promoted in another section.

I am happy but somehow have doubt about my capabilities on this matter. But anyways, I accepted the new appointment as acting section-in-charge as long as I perform good or better on what I do best. Should have joined the Army Reserves a few years back when I was younger. I put a video from youtube on the U.S. Army - Army Strong Commercials played in the US T.V. the advertisement title was convincing but it has a deeper meaning on the leadership skills on how soldiers from a buck private, non-commissioned officer to officer on the chain of command. I like this ad a lot and it is so "KICK ASS" for me. HOOAH!

My Real Estate Career on the other hand is still now doing good but I am still optimistic that I will practice this again after two years of not practicing it. However it is still a good option if I quit my healthcare job I can focus on being a Real Estate Brokers, Financial Planner and a leader.

Will be doing some lectures on the dynamics on financial planning in the coming months specifically for Real Estate Professionals of Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines.

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