Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Want to Get Out of the Rat race? Read This! (Part 1)

It was an eye opener for me when I attended the recently concluded Money Summit and Wealth Expo courtesy of the Learning Curve, Inc. Jerome San of Rich Dad Asia / Millionaire Mind Asia talked about the Robert Kiyosaki principles on the book Rich Dad's Guide to Investing  which I did missed to read back a few years but I did read the first two books Rich Dad ,Poor Dad and Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant back in early 2008 and played the Cashflow 101 game during one event with Larry Gamboa's Think Rich Pinoy in  early 2009.

Jerome discussed some of the historical fact and timeline on how job started back in the age of  Age of Discovery starting from 1400s and how it affects the modern age with major changes on how companies would compensate their employees after working for them in a decades after retiring from their old job. He made some comparative notes on the way companies are compensating their employees which greatly affects a lot of people.

Reaching your goal of becoming financial independent and free from debts requires a lot of discipline, sacrifices, motivation and right entrepreneurial mindset to reach the dreams anyone would one to achieve in the near future in which conceptualizing, building and running a business and later the business system will run itself is the only option of becoming a rich person eventually leading to being an investor with focus of furthering the business and seek more investments as well.

To be continued on the next post....

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