Sunday, November 21, 2010

Even in Death you will still be paying!

I once read a rticle online through Manila Times that was published a few months ago a write up on one memorial p ark and funeral home. For many, it was a unbelievably dissatisfying for some readers who eventually are surprised about this in facing the grim reality when a loved one dies. Although, the misery are still there with the immediate family still be grieving for the loss of a loved ones, I ask this question, are you prepared if anything happens to you and if you depart this physical world and move on to the after life?
It is so ironic that even in death you still have to pay a lot of this material things such as Debts, medical expenses, educational expenses for the children, estate tax and such that it is burdensome to think about it on how this can happen to you. Life Insurance and Mortgage Redemption Insurances are your best protection in case circumstances suchs illnesses, accidents and others to leave something for your loved. However, the best way to plan ahead it to create an estate plan which requires the services of an estate planner, lawyer and accountants in customizing your subdividing the properties if ever unexpected events happen in your life such as death.

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