Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Treats: Dating on a Shoestring Budget in the Metro Manila

So most of us may be cash strapped in the time being and are looking for alternatives other than going out on a costly dinner date on high-class and very posh restaurant joint in the Metro Manila or nearby places. However, there are many ideas to watch out in the midst of the economic recession we are reeling today. Ideas that are surefire and are not as costly as they may seem but may be for romantics.

1.) Watch the sunset on the bay area - SM Mall of Asia would be a nice choice at the Seaside area or the Roxas Boulevard section on the Baywalk area. Viewing the sunset is very romantic for lovers as you see the sun goes down to the earth with your very dear one.
2.) Stargaze the night - hope it is not cloudy or rainy in February month, but the ideal place to visit the metro is in around the PAGASA observatory in University of the Philippines Diliman Campus. Stargazing may sound like so scientific but it is nostalgic for some lovers to see the night in each others arms.

3.) See the blinking lights and the Manila skyline - driving to Antipolo would be not a little bit easy. But the distance and exhilarating bright lights of the Manila skyline has a panoramic view along the Sumulong Highway stretch especially at night time. Just find a good spot with the best view there.

4.) Visit some Museums and Art galleries: There are lots of these in Metro Manila that you can visit and try once in awhile you and your partner can make some critics on paintings, artworks, sculptures and others. For more information, you can visit some of the listed ones at Admission is FREE.

5.) Parks and Historical Places - Luneta, CCP and others near the Roxas Boulevard area are a nice place to visit if you are venturing into long walks but get to tell some stories. You can rent a bike for just a couple of pesos and run around that area.

Don't forget to bring some little snacks and umbrellas if the whether changes in a few hours and I am hoping this could give you some general ideas. However, I suggest that you should be creative and spontaneous in pleasing the one you love. Maybe you may swept him/her of his/her feet.
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post free ads philippines said...

Various locations in Manila are a good dating spot.

PampangaRealEstateTV said...

Yup, there are alot of places to see and visit even if you have only 500 pesos as a budget.