Thursday, November 3, 2011


A few months ago, I got to see one thread from one particular Filipino forum in the Philippines which really has hot debate on this question as I was wondering a lot of times before and asking myself, why are Filipinos poor?

A lot of the forum members and thread participants of the thread made a lot of  comment that sure would make negative suggestions on why Filipinos are poor the known old known habits we have taken from our predecessors to new factors that are much more associated with economic and political in nature that has affected our nation and people in the process.

1. Negative or Pessistimic Thinking- Most of the time people lose sight of their goals when a minor setback entered in their life. They lose focus in the important things and become confused with what to do. At times, they panic and never recover into the right path.
2. Crab Mentality - I hate to admit that at times I felt this type of bad habit that needs to be removed from my system. Jealousy and envy is really a bad habit but it becomes good in other context if you channel it into a positive motivating force to take the challenge and be better by not trampling others success and achievements.
3. Ningas Kugon - According to the Yahoo! Answers page, Ningas Kugon is a Filipino idiomatic expression, this means temporary or not meant to last or it means that you're only good at the start. but after sometime you lost interest in doing it. In short, hanggang sa una lang. 
4. MaƱana Habit - or the Filipino expression "Mamaya na lang". This we adopt from  Spaniard after 300 years a colonial entity. I do dread this if something is not done on time till someone forget about what to do the next day and lose sight of it. Procrastination is unproductive and it will surely be a time waster indeed.

I just got this quote from one of my friends in Facebook, "It is harder to be poor without complaining than to be rich without boasting", It does makes sense at all.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice post! Was just reading a blog, very similar to this article.

Benedict Baluyut said...

Thank you for posting. Anyways, hope you can read more of the articles I will be publishing soon.