Thursday, December 1, 2011

Exploring the world of Sports in Badminton.

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I have a confession to make. 

To tell you the truth I haven't  been really active with ball game related sports for the past few year after having a long hiatus with sports related activities due to injuries and sedentary lifestyle although I do take time to walk or run a few laps in a jogging trail it seems work  has taken toll on my physical well-being.

Other extracurricular activities for the past few years that I am not engage with are Soccer / Football or even Basketball. Feeling the wear of being an old fellow and getting heavy with my weight that kept me from playing this sports.

Inspired to make an active lifestyle again, I was invited by my younger sister to join her to play badminton the other time and it really felt good because I really perspired a lot after the game and felt rejuvenated with that concept of keeping myself fit again and feeling happy and not stressed from work lately.

I felt very awkward in playing this game because it will be my first time playing it since elementary and high school. It is like playing tennis but on a more smaller courts plus you don't have to wait the shuttlecock to bounce on the floor but hit it as hard and make a point my missing your opponents' aim or shot on your field.

So what do you need to have in playing this game / sports:

1. Good badminton rackets
2. Some pair of indoor training shoes or badminton shoes
3. Dri-fit shirts (easily dries the sweat in your body)
4. Shorts
5. Shuttle cock
6. Badminton venues / pitch or courts - cost around PhP 60.00 to PhP 75.00 ("one to sawa promo"). The cost of getting the court may vary on the selected you would like to play

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On the sides, will be trying other sports activities to maintain my weight and channel my energies to more productive activities than watching to much TV or being in front of the PC / Internet most of the time plus keep a close watch in watch I eat at this moment with holiday season coming in a few days.

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I love this game,and it was good to have a badminton court in your residence to play in your leisure time.

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Playing a badminton is such a nice sports that I was played for a long time.


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