Friday, March 30, 2012

It's official: I am a Registered Financial Planner.

It was ecstatic moment for me to receive my certificate as a full pledged Registered Financial Planner last March 19, 2012. It felt great after a few years of being inactive and been plain busy with life, career, sports and other extra curricular activities.

I eventually got the idea of registering myself as an Registered Financial Planner (RFP) last December 2011 after the christmas break. Have been thinking a lot of times with this well thought idea if I indeed need to sign up and so I did and on January 27, 2012 on the Personal Branding Seminar by J. Randell Tiongson on the Continuing Professional Education Series as a requirement for RFP at the RFP Office in Tektite Bldg Ortigas, Pasig City I signed my papers and paid the one year payment dues.

Joining the ranks of this rising profession and where the advocacy of financial planning coming about with the awakening and consciousness of fellow Filipinos who are looking to save, earn and learn in the process but coming to think of I need to apply what I learned in the seminar 4 years ago plus relearn and rethink my plans and strategies in the future.

Last night, I made my decision of signing up on advocacy on work place plan by RFP Philippines and I am very happy of the thoughts of helping people and at the same time giving some sense of hope for a fellow by reaching out to their needs in educating them about on topics about Debt and Credit Management, Future investments, Goal setting etc. I feel reluctant of joining the program from the 10th Batch which was in April 2008 and it did reallu open my eyes on the reality of it all and having the purpose and direction in my life as well of saving and planning for the future.

It is an honor and privilege to be a part of this team.

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Lisa said...

You really have some very helpful posts, have bookmarked ! Self Help

Allain Aquino said...

Congratulations. I am also a Registered Financial Planner batch 25. I actually created my own book about personal finance. I hope your members can read it. Its Free!

Financial Services courses program said...

A good interaction between the client and the Financial Planning department. Its good for a person who wants to know the financial services and how they can be used. Such kind of financial services programs are their for the good business.

Benedict Baluyut said...

Hi Allain - Thank you. Hope to see you soon wearing that RFP pin in the near future. Will be watching your blog as well.