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My first run for 2012: 3rd Animo Clark LaSalle Run

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 I got excited to wake up early one Sunday morning and smell the dew on the pitch at Clark Freeport - CDC offices where the beginning of the 3rd Clark Animo Run organized by De La Salle Alumni Association of Pampanga last 11th of March 2012. This will be my first time again to run for more than 3 years of being busy with work and other activities related to career building.

 Running became a part of my training regimen when we were younger. We were required to run from post to post during soccer / football days or run indoor on basketball court in barefoot during my Taekwondo years or just warm up with the rest of the guys during a one day recreational basketball game with friends and sometime do short distance sprints on table tennis practice. It increases your endurance and agility to the maximum level keeping your fitness level high. 

Lost sense of being in top shape after not qualifying for a possible varsity spot with the school I was enrolled in back in college plus being in constant danger of loosing my academics during college with other priorities from studying and other extra-curricular activities.

Back then in my teen years:

To tell you, I was a former athlete in my younger years. Sports became a part of my life since early years of my education. I got into tremendous competitive edge type of activities that my dad and mom sometimes are irritated when I got back from home smelling like being burned from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays making me darker complexion even today after a football match with some old colleagues from my high school days.

Unhealthy Lifestyle and getting sick:

Back in 2009, I was always tremendously getting sick with some lifestyle disease that got me afflicted since I was 19 years old. It is hyperuricemia (High blood uric acid). I got to drink some pills then and have to watch my diet and also exercised a lot in order to lose weight and at the same lessen the intake of food with high purine content but after battling this out I was diagnosed with another disease, Gastroesophageal Acid Reflux (GERD) or Acid Reflux for short came about it June 2010 when I was doing my speaking engagement in Caloocan City with RFP Philippines.

It was a painful experience of being in constant pain in your stomach and the same time in your throat and esophagus area coughing like there is no tomorrow. It had served as a wake up call for me to find a solution on this health problems I have encountered recently.

At present and today:
I spend my time wasting my body with physical activities such as sports in order to sweat it out and joined running competitions as well in 2.5 to 3 kilometer runs as a baby step of not jeopardizing my untrained body for the this event feeling the self-fulfillment of finishing the race even if you are not on top runners list but it was a worthwhile experience in participating in such event as this for a cause. I finished the course in 38 minutes which good for me anyways. Looking forward in making it to a 5 kilometer soon.

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