Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dating ideas on a shoestring budget

 CASH-strapped? Looking for other ways to entertain or surprise that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Don’t feel sad if you have little or no money to spend on that day. There are many things that you can do, either with your boyfriend/girlfriend, date or even by yourself. Try any of the following:

Take a walk. Who says walking is not fun? Walking is very ideal for couples who need long conversations. You and your partner can go to certain places like a park, historical spots or downtown. You can also visit nostalgic places where you can reminisce and share stories. Besides, walking is a good form of exercise, is relaxing and keeps your mind off stress.

Visit museums and galleries. If you are an art enthusiast living in an urban environment, there are many museums and galleries in the city for you to spend time in. You can check out the artifacts and artworks exhibited in these establishments. Just check out their web sites for their monthly calendar of activities. You (and your better half or date) can learn fascinating things during your visit. Plus, some exhibits don’t charge entrance fees.
Visit fairs. There are lots of activities happening in the city, like those in major universities or those sponsored by major companies endorsing products and services for promotional purposes. Most of these companies give freebies and giveaways.

Speed dating. This is recommended for singles who are looking for other singles to socialize with. Generally, speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage singles to meet as many people as he or she can within a given amount of time. Who knows, the person you might meet in such a setup could be the one for you.

Biking. Get on your bicycle and ride through dirt roads or the less trodden path. Biking allows you (and your partner or date) to spend time together. It is also a good form of exercise. You can pick out your routes and places to visit. Besides, biking in the countryside is fun.

Fishing. For those who love the outdoors, catching a fish then cooking or letting it go can be thrilling. If you have extra fishing poles, reels and hooks at home, then it’s not too late to try fishing with your partner. This is ideal for couples living near lakes, rivers that are teeming with life and unpolluted or the sea. You can rent fishing poles from businesses near lakes for P75 to P100, or borrow one of these from angling enthusiasts.

Movie marathon. If you and your partner or date find it too expensive to watch films at the cineplex, then buy or rent DVDs of your choice and watch them at home. If that is still not an option, then you can borrow DVDs from friends or neighbors.

Cooking. This is ideal for couples who have a passion for cooking and food. Cooking dinner together is romantic; eating it over candlelight and with romantic music playing in the background is even more so. Make a list of the things you need to buy and decide on a budget when you go to the supermarket.

Counting the stars. Stargazing can soothe you and your partner or date. Identifying constellations or watching a comet pass by can be a thrilling experience. You can have meaningful conversations while watching the clear night sky. There are many places that offer great views of the night sky, such as an open park, a tall building or an establishment built on elevated land. This activity does not cost a cent, but access to tall buildings—especially to rooftops—require a permit from the building owner and administrator.

Whatever activity you choose, the important thing in dating is that you and your date are getting to know each other better. Remember: listening is important in building any relationship. If you do, this could lead to friendship, which can be the foundation of a romantic relationship.

Published in Business Mirror: February 4 and February 12, 2013

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