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Having the Joyride on Two Wheels: A Reminder for Motorcycling Public.

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Have you ridden a motorcycle before? We know for a fact that riding a motorcycle is pleasurable and fun. It felt like having your wings and flying away. In my experience, it is the freedom that makes it thrilling for riders alike. It can maneuver on congested streets and heavy traffic. It can be used for sports and even travel / adventure or cruising on an out of town ride.

The motorcyclists are common sight in the urban or rural areas around the Philippines. Even in other Asian countries like India, Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Thailand were the number of motorcycles outnumbered cars and trucks. Motorcycles have become the mode of transport of the masses. This is second only to the passenger jeepney which is still the “King of the Philippine Road” here in our country. In terms of frugality, motorcycles are very economical with fuel prices skyrocketing weekly in which fuel expenses can be used for a week at most. Motorcycles Loans are available in the market through commercial and other financial institutions. Repairing and upgrading costs is lower compared to a car or an SUV.

Recently, I have seen how a young man have fallen off on his motorbike and was injured. He was given immediate medical attention by first responders on the scene of the accident. As I recall the incident, the sight of that grim event kept flashing back in my memory from this day on. Let me show you some facts on dangers of motorcyclists face:

·         In a recent DOH report shows that riding motorcycles are the most dangerous mode of travel in the country; in its National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) September 2011 report on the first quarter of the year;
  • From a news report, it was found out that 62% of motorcycle license applicants applying for license to the Land Transport Office (LTO) have no formal motorcycle training based on the survey;
  •  In Metro Manila alone, motorcycle related accidents have drastically increased from 9.4% (11,475) in 2005 to 14.6% (20,518) in 2011. There are no exact statistical reports on fatalities.
  •   Major Roads in Metro Manila where motorcycle accidents mostly happen are in Commonwealth Avenue, Alabang-Zapote Road, J.P. Rizal Street, Epifanio De los Santos Avenue and Quirino Highway;
  • Reasons of accidents are over speeding, inattentiveness, overtaking, driving to close to another vehicle, not obeying road / traffic signs or lights, driving under influence (DUI), mechanical error / failure, bad roads, poor weather conditions and no proper traffic warning signs;
  • 90% of Motorcycle riders outside of Metro Manila don't follow the Helmet Law while     90% of Motorcycle riders in Metro Manila follow the R.A. 10054 or Helmet Law.
  • Some Motorcyclist involved in vehicular accident do not have health or accident insurance coverage at all.
How Not To Be Part of Statistics. These are some things you should know about as a rider: 
  1. Have your safety precautions on – Make yourself visible at all times by turning on your headlight even during daylight. Wear high visibility colored vests or jackets with reflectors. Wear full safety gears like helmet and body armor.
  2. Obey traffic rules and follow road safety – This is very essentials for motorcyclist to do in promoting safe travel to their destinations. Avoid potholes or bad roads when traveling to your destination.
  3. Have a Personal Accident Protection Plan – For motorcycle owners / rider should have this in which it covers for Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement, Accident Medical Reimbursement, Murder and Assault, Accident Burial Benefit and Motorcycle Third Party Liability. The cost of this type of insurance is only at P 900.00 to P 1,100.00 annually.

Stay safe, someone is still waiting for you at home.

 Originally Published at Business Mirror - August 5, 2014

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