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Career Shift: Leaving your old job for a better opportunities.

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It was good to come back and write again after ages. I have kept myself busy with pleasurable things and doing skills. I did complete my training in the active duty training in the military particular in the Philippine Air Force Reserve and was enjoyably active in organization meetings, outreach programs, returning back to being in the sales / service unit of a fledgling family owned business and many more. 

Recently, I have tendered my resignation with my immediate supervisor, unit head and with the company where I was employed. I had handwritten my letter as what the company policy stated. Things in the office were shaken. I admit they were taken back and did sow confusion in the workplace of me moving on without the company. It was a hard decision for me of leaving all of a sudden a flourishing career in the healthcare industry for more than 10 years ago then leaving it all behind.

My boss was shocked and was asking what happened to me, I told her, I was thinking about it for the past year of moving on with my life and getting over with it and start again from scratch. She was even asking me stay and retract my resignation but I made up my mind and  was no longer interested to be a part of the team and would proceed with transition process of endorsements for the next employee take over in managing my post as a section chief.

During the course of my life of being out of the company I have pondered on several things particulary:
Options - Was thinking of what will I be doing with my entire life for the next few months to a year.  This in fact led me to hatch ideas for that I want to put on my bucket list. Employment with another private company already done it. Looking for a government job posting - still a question mark? Or move overseas and be a healthcare service again - still an option but the least I want to do now.

Business - I have been busy doing online selling with some of my gear. Selling through Facebook Marketplace and even by word of mouth. I admit, I am still on the learning curve of doing this. I am definitely optimistic on the potential of this especially in real estate selling as a Licensed PRC Real Estate Broker which is primarily what I am doing.

Personal Growth -  I did take the Civil Service Professional Examination but was unlucky with the results I got on my exam. I was thinking about this failed venture but I take it as challenge and a learning lessons anyways to study hard and prepare more for those mind blogging reading comprehension and mathematical problems. I was very reluctantly to complete my military training with the reserve force, Philippine Air Force. Another thing I am practicing what I have previously learned in the Registered Financial Planner
Travel - Pondering on traveling to Batanes and Palawan which was my dream and one of the things I want to do on my bucket list. Batanes cost more compared with Palawan. The last time I traveled away beyond Central Luzon was in Vigan, Ilocos Sur which was October 2017. We had a side trip to La Union on our way back to Pampanga. It was so weary traveling afar but I was happy that I made that trip even for a 2 days and 1 night stay there in Vigan City.

Investments - Made some small investments here in there on small business of selling accessories online. I had bought a new book on Stock Investing recently and would need to study this carefully. All I need is some time to understand by at least attending a stock investing seminar even if I had attended the basics back in 2014 in Makati City.


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